Steroid Stacks / Combinations And Their Effects On The Liver

Steroid Stacks

Some individuals wonder whether or not a steroid “stack” is more harmful on the liver when compared to an isolated compound cycle, and the only reasonable answer to provide to this query is that yes, a combination of products is certainly going to present a higher risk of adverse issues arising than using single compounds alone.

For proof of this we merely need to point to common sense and biological facts; the liver must process more than one compound, all of which need to be filtered through the liver, therefore the higher the number of compounds entering the liver there are, the higher the risk to the liver they present.

As before, the risk potential is determined entirely by the strength of the products being used, and how responsibly they are being used.

Using A Non Alkylated Steroid As A Base

There is a belief by some that using non alkylated injectable steroids (like testosterone) as the “base” for a steroid stack will mitigate the risk of liver toxicity.

Whether or not there could be any truth to this depends entirely on the combination of items being used and their individual strength. It’s all about what you’re taking more of, and what you’re taking less of. For instance, if you were to use anadrol (an oral steroid) as your cycle “base” followed by a combination of testosterone and perhaps another bulking agent like growth hormone at a high level, then you’d have a fairly toxic cycle on your hands due to the anadrol.

However, if you choose to bulk in an altogether different fashion by using deca as a base for progressive muscular gain in conjunction with a modest amount of dianabol for supplementary purposes for instance, then your risk would be much lower. Whilst dianabol can present a fairly high level of toxicity, your goals (lean mass development) would dictate that you were unable to take it in sizeable quantities as this would harm your muscular visibility and therefore ultimate cycle aims.

The liver risk presented over the course of this latter bulking cycle would only be moderate, especially considering nandrolone’s low risk nature. What is important to understand is that the liver and bloodstream don’t view cycle stacks in terms of a physical “stack” of products like building blocks, like we perhaps do. There is actually no such thing as a cycle “base”.

You’re only ever using more or less of something, you’re never actually “stacking” one product on top of another. All your liver really “cares” about is how much of a toxic product it’s getting versus how much of a lower risk product it’s getting. The less harmful the products in your “stack” are, the more the risk is mitigated regardless of the form of their administration (oral or injectable.)